Avoid Nummular Eczema And Banish Yourself From Eczema

Eczema also has its forms and types. Nummular Eczema is a condition which is a higher stage than the normal eczema. It starts small and then becomes big to take the shape of a coin. It feels more itchy and is much more painful.


First and foremost the important thing to do when suffering from eczema is to bath often. Keeping yourself free from germs and bacteria would prevent further infection and a bath also cools you down and makes you feel less itchy. You need to moisturize your skin a lot. It should never be left dry. Dry skin feels itchy and if you scratch, nothing can be worse for eczema. So after your bath and twice a day moisturise your skin so that that the moisture gets locked in and keeps your skin hydrated. If the skin is wet and hydrated you will never feel like scratching but if left dry you will itch and this causes the problem or if you already have it, will aggravate it.


Banish Yourself From Eczema And Be Relieved


Taking care of what you eat is an important thing when suffering from eczema. You have to be careful not to eat food which contains acids as acids reach adversely with the body thereby making the condition of eczema worse. Hence keep a watch on your intake and keep eczema ta bay. There re kelp supplements which can be bought. These contain elements which help in neutralising the acids in the body. Maybe the best option would be is to go see a dietician and get a meal plan and stick to it.


Another important factor to cure nummular eczema is to wear comfortable and light cotton clothes. Wearing clothes which react with the skin only causes the condition to increase and worsen. The clothes made of wool can cause rashes and make you itch even more which is the feeding ground for eczema. Hence avoid clothes which are not suitable for your skin. Cotton clothes are the best as they allow air to pass and keep you cool and comfortable.


The two most important things to avoid are detergents and soaps which contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals damage your skin to a great extent and sometimes make it even irreparable. Hence when buying such products make sure that you read the ingredients list properly and buy organic stuff as far as possible. Also to avoid is products which cause allergy. If you feel uncomfortable or have a reaction avoid the product for life.

Banish Yourself From Eczema And Consult The Doctor

These cures will for sure help in reducing or even banishing the condition but if the symptoms persist visiting the doctor would be helpful. All the remedies stated above are not a herculean task to be performed. They might be time consuming but if the end result is good, it is worth spending some extra time looking after yourself. Getting rid of nummular eczema is vital and should be the first thing on your mind because if left untreated it could have severe consequences to the extent that treatment would not be possible.