Don’t Second Guess And Find What Eczema Baby Treatment Works Best

Treating Eczema In Babies Can Be Quite A Challenge

Eczema baby treatment can be difficult because you cannot verbally communicate with your infant. Normally you would advise someone to keep from scratching and irritating the area. However, you cannot verbally tell your baby not to scratch, so you will want to find a way to remove the irritation as rapidly and completely as possible.


Eczema is a skin condition that causes a dry, patchy area to develop that is very irritating and itchy. The initial tendency is to scratch the affected area, which only makes the condition worse. If the itching and scratching becomes severe, open sores can result which can lead to infection.


There is not a definite known cause for eczema. It is possible that the disease runs in families and is hereditary. Diet and environmental conditions have also been cited as culprits, but so far, no real documented evidence proves these sources conclusively. The real challenge is in treating the disease so that a tolerable level of comfort can be attained.


One very successful treatment is to give you baby a bleach bath. While this may at first sound bizarre, a mild solution of 2 teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water will cleanse the skin and eliminate bacteria, warding off any recurrent infections that might be getting a foothold. It is recommended that a bath like this can be given twice a week. Just be sure to prepare the bath before putting your infant into the water.


Regular baths should be given daily with a mild soap. It is important to cleanse the skin on a regular basis. Avoid soaps with any type of fragrance or perfume, as that can be an irritant to your baby’s skin. Be sure an pat the skin with a soft cloth, both in the washing process and when drying as well so as to avoid irritating the skin as much as possible. The bath water should be kept lukewarm, as warm water will have dry the skin more quickly.


It is also very important to keep the skin as moist as possible, and the use of an emollient is recommended. An emollient is a cream or a salve that can be applied and will have ingredients that will keep the skin moisturized without irritating it. Once again avoid products that have fragrances or perfumes. A product like Eucerin is excellent and has been found to be very effective for many years.


Watkins’ Petro Carbo Salve (also known as their drawing salve) and the Medicated Ointment salve from Rawleigh products have also proven to be wonderful remedies when treating eczema. These products have some kind of a petroleum base, which helps to keep the product from being rubbed off so easily. The salves have an added benefit in that they will tend to immediately take away the urge to scratch, as they stop the itching. They also have anti-bacterial properties which will eliminate bacteria at the site of the eczema. If possible, wrap the affected area with a soft cloth after applying the emollient or salve to keep your baby from rubbing it off.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Baby

Finally, in the area of eczema baby treatment, it is important that you keep a watchful eye on your baby and use common sense in frequency of treatment and follow up. Your doctor can give you very helpful advice in this area.