Q&A: Does anyone have any home remedies for Eczema?

Question by Death by Monoxide: Does anyone have any home remedies for Eczema?
I have eczema on my arms (right near my shoulders), Anyways, I am looking for some home remedies that will relieve the irritation and the itchiness. For you guys who are going to say “Go see a doctor”, I cant go see a doctor, I am unemployed, and I dont have any health insurance, Plus I am 6000 dollars in debt already.

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Answer by peachesandcream17
well they isn’t many home remedies that actually been proven to work for it but i have eczema all my life and still the only product that i have found to work and you don’t need a prescription for it is Aveeno Baby soothing moisturizing cream i know its for babys but it works for my eczema really good, it is sort of pricey some might say but its worth it in my book about 5-7 dollar depending where you buy it.


link above for info

but i guess this product is really good for it cause it contain oatmeal so maybe that the secret for it just be lucky that you not like me and break out on not only your arms but neck and above my eye lids

well i hope i have help u in anyway

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